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A New Measure of Success for Your Premium IOL Patients 


Join us at our ASCRS Breakfast Meeting

Introducing ClearView3
The next-generation asymmetric multifocal refractive IOL now
FDA approved and available in the United States.

ClearView 3 is a rotationally asymmetric MIOL designed to improve contrast sensitivity, minimize halos and glare and provide superior near, intermediate and far vision compared to other presbyopic IOLs

The segmented optic design is the first of its kind in the US.  Lenstec’s patented four-point fixation and design allows surgeons confidence in the IOLs effective lens position within the capsule.  Its availability in 0.25 diopter power increments, along with the tightest industry tolerances (+/- 0.11 diopters from labelled power), assists surgeons in achieving the best refractive outcomes possible.

Think Outside the Rings
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Join us on Friday, May 5, 2023 at the Marriott Marquis San Digo Marina!
Leading the discussion:
Y. Ralph Chu M.D.
Loan Ramsey, M.D.
J. Morgan Micheletti, M.D.
Dagny C. Zhu, M.D.
T. Hunter Newsom, M.D.
Jean-Pierre Danjoux. M.D.


Stop by our booth #843 at the ASCRS

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